Best Paper at DesignCon 2023

For the second time in three years, ISL research has been recognized with a Best Paper Award at DesignCon, the premier high-speed communications and system design conference and expo for chip, board, and systems design engineers. Titled “Statistical BER Analysis of Concatenated FEC in Multi-Part Links,” the paper tackles a pressing challenge in 200+Gbps wireline links: how to evaluate and ensure post-FEC BER performance prior to finalizing a link architecture.

Congratulations to Richard Barrie and Ming Yang for this well deserved accolade!

Prof. Chan Carusone at CICC 2022

Prof. Chan Carusone presented at an Educational Session on Architectural Considerations of 100+Gbps Wireline Transceivers and participated in an industry panel addressing the questions “Is Photonics Going to Save Wireline” at CICC in Irvine, California this week.

Best Paper Award at DesignCon2021

Congrats to Ph.D. candidate Ming Yang for landing a Best Paper Award at DesignCon2021! Thanks to our great collaborators and co-authors Shayan Shahramian, Henry Wong and Petar Krotnev. There are dozens, or even hundreds, of parameters in modern wireline transceivers. Getting them all just right is a major challenge that demands advanced optimization algorithms during architectural design, in the lab, and in the field.

M. Yang, S. Shahramian, H. Wong, P. Krotnev, A. Chan Carusone, “Global Optimization of Wireline Transceivers for Minimum Post-FEC vs. Pre-FEC BER,” DesignCon, San Jose, California, August 2021. [PDF] [PDF Slides]

Optimizing Transceivers to Minimize BER

Although our communication links are generally designed and optimized to maximize SNR, that doesn’t necessarily minimize the bit error rate. The situation gets worse once forward error correction (FEC) is taken into account. Join us at ISCAS 2021 in the special session on Advanced Energy-Efficient Wireline & Optical Communications where Ph.D. candidate Ming Yang will present our paper on the relevant tradeoffs in modern wireline links. He’ll show how we can do better!