The Integrated Systems Laboratory is the research group of Prof. Tony Chan Carusone in the University of Toronto’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Our research is focused on digital and analog integrated circuits that process information at high speed. Through our network of government and industry partners, we are having an impact on pressing real-world problems. Visit our IC Design Gallery for snapshots of past projects.

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Latest News

  • Prof. Chan Carusone at CICC 2022
    Prof. Chan Carusone presented at an Educational Session on Architectural Considerations of 100+Gbps Wireline Transceivers and participated in an industry panel addressing the questions “Is Photonics Going to Save Wireline” at CICC in Irvine, California this week.
  • ISL Reports 112Gbps CMOS Optical Receiver
    Ph.D. candidate Dhruv Patel reported the results of his 112Gbps TIA in 16nm FinFET CMOS at CICC 2022. Check out the demo video on the right…
  • Prof. Chan Carusone elevated to IEEE Fellow
    “The most inspiring and innovative people I’ve encountered are IEEE Fellows, and I’m proud to count myself among them. But I’m most proud of seeing my grad students accomplish amazing things during and after their degree.”


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