Prospective Students

I often receive inquiries from prospective students. I am always interested in supervising excellent researchers.  Unfortunately, the volume of inquiry makes it difficult to respond to all. Here are my responses to some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the proper application procedure for graduate study in your group?
A: To work in my group you must be admitted into the graduate program of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Information about applying can be found by clicking here. The application procedure requires you to fill out a pre-application form, after which an official University application form is mailed to you. If you are interested in working with me, please indicate this in a letter included with your official application. By mentioning my name, you will ensure that your application is eventually forwarded to me. Also, keep in mind that I work in the area of Electronics, which should therefore also be your first choice of research area.

Q: What are the admissions criteria?
A: Admissions decisions will be based primarily on your marks and your reference letters. Past research and job experience also counts. Having some idea of the sort of research in which you are interested is also helpful. You should be advised that even if you meet the minimum admission standards of the University, admission into the Electronics group is highly competitive, and so not guaranteed.

Q: Can you provide funding (i.e. a research assistantship) for my studies?
A: Possibly. But I can not possibly discuss any financial arrangements until after you have been admitted by the department, and this can not happen until we have received and processed your complete application.

Q: It’s now July, and I’m really, really interested in your research area. Can’t you accept me for September?
A: No. Application deadlines are indicated on the ECE Department web site.

Q: What about a summer position (paid or volunteer) in your group?
A: I generally do not supervise summer students due mostly to a busy travel schedule during that time.